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Emerging from an idea from the Austrian saxophonist Manfred Wambacher, in the spring of 2000, the OY.OY.OY Big Band was born under the leadership of Heinz von Hermann.
It all began as a rehearsal big band, but by the autumn of 2000 it had rapidly become evident that these musicians in the band were constantly improving and live concerts were then a matter of course.
OY.OY.OY Big Band is part of the title of a tune, the OY.OY.OY Blues, written among many other compositions by the saxophonist, composer, arranger and bandleader known throughout Europe, Heinz von Hermann. The title may seem curious, but it will not be long before Austrian jazz audiences will have immediate recollection of the tune and the big band will be known everywhere.
The styles of this big band vary from traditional and original arrangements from the Duke Ellington and Count Basie era, to Jerry van Royen, Bob Mintzer and Thad Jones - and naturally, compositions and arrangements from the leader himself, Heinz von Hermann.

Last but not least, we have to thank Heinz von Hermann for giving his talent and all of the time that he was able to offer, and for the endless organisation work undertaken by some of the musicians, as well as the ARGE Nonntal for giving the band a place to rehearse.
The OY.OY.OY Big Band performed its first concerts in the spring of 2001 at the Austrotel Salzburg at 8 Mirabellplatz.
In August 2001, the band played at the Lake Festival in Gmunden in Austria, and there was an enthusiastically received concert performed at the Anif Jazz Festival on September 15. There will be another concert at the Austrotel in Salzburg on October 29. Beginning in October 2001, there will be a concert at the Arge Nonntal in Salzburg every last Monday in the month.
A big-band night, such as those enjoyed by New Yorkers, is certainly a great addition to the Salzburg jazz scene and another milestone in big band jazz in Austria.
Don't miss being a part of it.

Ulrich Barth

Salzburger Nachrichten
28 November 2001

Collective Swinging For New Impetus

Watching a big band at work is always somewhat reminiscent of one's schooldays. The musicians are obliged to sit still and only stand up to solo when the band leader gives them a sign. But after all, a big band always was, and still is, "the best school for all jazz musicians," is the opinion of Heinz von Hermann.
The Salzburg resident by choice can be believed with confidence, because among others he has successfully gained authority in this sphere as a saxophonist with such institutions as Paul Kuhn's SFB Big Band and
Peter Herbolzheimer's "Rhythm Combination & Brass." And for some time Hermann has been passing on his experience as the leader of the Salzburg "Oy.Oy.Oy. Big Band.

The formation celebrated the start of its new engagement on Monday at the Arge Nonntal and swinged through the big-band repertoire from Count Basie standards to "The Chicken" by Jaco Pastorius. With Kurt Gersdorf, Uli Barth and Manfred Wambacher, above all, the ensemble can look to a practiced sax section. The band proved its potential for development, which was certainly seen and heard in the second set and it fostered anticipation for the future: because as a fixed institution the formation is to play every last Monday in the month at the ARGE bar - a welcome plan for a further addition to the local jazz scene.



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