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To play in Duo: The most intimate and intensive way of making music. Quite often requested by the promotor by means of the kind of a venue like vernissages or poetry readings - but always a musical highlight.

Duos with piano: Heinz v. Hermann with Erwin Schmidt
(CD-Produktion : "Ballad Poetry")

with Joerg Reiter (piano):  m 13. & 15. Februar 2006 im Marimba/Kapstadt

with Wolfgang Köhler (Standard Time Workshop in Berlin 2016)

Duos with Guitar: H.v.H. mit Guido Jeszinszky
(as well on the CD "Ballad Poetry")
also with Manfred Dierkes (git)

Duos with Bass:  H.v.H. with  Uli Langthaler also with Mark Abrams (USA)

                                                                ST Duo Berlin 2016


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