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Heinz v. Hermann has spent most of his musical life abroad (Germany, France, Holland, Spain, Morocco, Libya, Italy) and following decades of travel and experience he has been able to bring together this exceptional band of top European musicians.
Naturally, due to their many professional engagements, the musicians in this quintet come together only occasionally. With these super professionals this has absolutely no negative effect on their music, but strengthens their enthusiasm for playing together on the rare occasions that are possible. Andy, Heinz and Bruno have known each other for many years through tours shared in Peter Herbolzheimer's band, Rhythm Combination & Brass, and just as many studio recordings and television appearances. Until now, however, they were seldom heard in small groups.

© K.Kowalski

Heinz von Hermann, Andy Haderer, Uli Langthaler, Bruno Castellucci, Erwin Schmidt.
© K. Kowalski

The idea for creating this band was born in 1996. There was a small but very successful tour carried out in Austria that gave all those concerned a great deal of pleasure, and a spontaneous decision was made to continue with the band. In 1997, 1998 and 1999 tours comprising about fourteen concerts and several workshops was carried out. A number of individual concerts, some of which were recorded for radio, were extremely successful in the summers and autumns of 1997, 1998 and 1999. A CD released by Mons Records appeared in March of 1998. The arrangements and compositions are mostly by Heinz von Hermann. The release of a new CD took place in the autumn of 1999.
Mai 2001 the H.v.Hermann Quartett was invited to the first EU-Jazzfestival at Athens. A tour of Rumania took place in October 2001.

CD`s:  "Live in L. E. and  "A Standard Treatment" and
"25 Jahre JazzAhead Quintett"



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