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Das   Chamber Jazz Trio
Besides the new projects, which are already recorded on the new CD´s "Hi, Bix!" (a salut to Bix Beiderbecke to his 101st birthday) and"A Tase of T."(a selection of the most beautiful and the wildest compositions of Thelonious Sphere Monk in brand new arrangements) the repertoire of this trios sums up to almost 300 titels (standards - Jazz-standards and originals). Tthis chambermusic like instrumentation leads to very intimate sound experiences - we do like to play preferably acoustic, really unplugged. Naturally in bigger halls a little amplication might be necessary. This Trio was and still is the nucleus for all the bigger bands (Quartet and Quintet).
For special occasions, mostly by request of different promotors, the JazzAhead Chamber Jazz Trio performed with various vocalists. Through the appearance of Heinz v. Hermann in many european countries over decades it was possible to get some of the most recognized singers of the european jazzscene to perform with the Trio. This everytime lead to a great enrichment of the already big repertoire of the Trio by maintaining the chambermusic alike style of this band. In general they were the same singers who also performed with the Quartet: Judy Niemack (USA/Berlin), Ines Reiger (Vienna), Silvia Droste (Dortmund/GER) and Lisa Bassenge (Berlin/GER). They all have a big repertoire of standards and Jazzstandards in qute interesting arrangements.

JazzAhead Chamber Jazz Trio with Lisa Bassenge at the EU - Festival Hanoi (Vietnam) Nov. 04



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