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Oct. 28th 2006 ORF (Austrian Radio) had recorded a concert at the Jazzclub Drosendorf on the occasion of Heinz´70th Birthday, which will be soon released on CD (jivemusic.at).

The first part of the concert (and the first CD) is dedicated to the late Lucky Thompson (died July 30th 2005) who always used to be a kind of a secret hero to Heinz.

In the second part original compositions of Heinz were recorded which had not been published on CD yet as well as the beautiful composition of Friedrich Gulda: "Du und I"


H.v.Hermann ten, bari, fl; Erwin Schmidt pno; Uli Langthaler b; Mario Gonzi drs (am 28.10.06 im Jazzclub Drosendorf)


supported by edithbreckner