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Heinz von Hermann JazzAhead
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From January 2017 on our "Jour fixe" at the ZWE always will take place on the last Friday of each month
(Except December 2017 and March 2018)

Dec. 17 th    12 a.m.
life broadcast in Radio Orange with Ranthild Salzer about "Standard Time" project


Jan. 22nd  8:30 p.m.
Solist with the "Monday Night Orchestra" im Alten Schlosshof Wels, Dragonerstr. 22, 4600 Wels

Jan. 26th      8 p.m.

with logo im "ZWE" Flossgasse 4, 1020 Wien

Febr. 1st   7:30 p.m.

with logo at the Ortenburger Keller (Schloss Porcia)
9800 Spittal/Drau

Febr. 2nd

with logo at the Lichtspieltheater Klagenfurt
Details will be announced later here

Febr. 9th

with the Quartet at the Royal Garden Jazzclub in 8010 Graz, Bürgergasse 4
Details will be announced later here

Febr. 11th    8 p.m.

with logo  at the Jazz im Sägewerk Gastein
Angerweg 32, 5630 Bad Hofgastein

Double concert at the Jazzland

Feb. 13th      9 p.m.

with logo  - Johannes Herrlich tbn, Markus Gaudriot p, Volker Wadauer b, Walter Grassmann dr, Andi Steirer perc
im  Jazzland Franz-Josef-Kai 29, 1010 Wien

Feb. 14th      9 p.m.
with the  "Four Very Saxy Brothers" - with Thomas Kugi, Herwig Gradischnig, Niko Afentulidis tenors, Erwin Schmidt p, Alexander Lackner b, Walter Grassmann dr
at the Jazzland  Franz-Josefs-Kai 29, 1010 Wien

Febr. 23rd     8 p.m.

with logo
at the "ZWE" Flossgasse 4, 1020 Wien

March 16th - 18th

with logo at the Musiksalon Diessen
Gasthof Unterbräu, D 86911 Diessen am Ammersee (GER)

April 27th      8 p.m.

with logo
at the "ZWE" Flossgasse 4, 1020 Wien

May 25th       8 p.m.

with logo
at the "ZWE" Flossgasse 4, 1020 Wien

June 15th      8 p.m.

with logo at the "Kellerei" Reutte - Ausserferner Kleinkunstbühne  6600 Reutte, Tauschergasse

June 29th      8 p.m.

with logo
at the "ZWE" Flossgasse 4, 1020 Wien

As soon as some dates are fixed, they will immediately be shown on thise site!

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