Heinz von Hermann JazzAhead
Heinz von Hermann JazzAhead
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Heinz von Hermann JazzAhead





April 21st 8 pm

with logo at the ZWE (1020 Wien, Flossgasse 4)

April 27th 8 pm
with the "ALL Star" Sextet:
Jim Rotondi tpt, Rudi Josel tbn, Heinz v. Hermann sax & fl, Oliver Kent p, Ewald Oberleitner b, Manfred Josel dr in Gamlitz, at the Alte Klosterschule (8462 Gamlitz, Obere Hauptstrasse 44)
April 28th
with the same "All Star Sextet"  in Graz at the Royal Garden Jazzclub (8010 Graz, Bürgergasse 4)

April 29th 9 pm

with  logo at the Jazzland (1010 Wien, Franz-Josefs-Kai 29)

May 4th    3 pm
receiving the award
"Ehrenkreuz für Wisenschaft und Kunst der Republik Österreich"
at the Künstlerhaus, Salon Karlsplatz (Karlsplatz 5, 1010 Wien)

Mai 25th   8 pm

with  logo at the ZWE (1020 Wien, Flossgasse 4

June 23rd 8pm

with  logo at the (1020 Wien, Flossgasse 4
Sept. 24th
Start of concert will be announced

with  logo at the Kulturfleckerl Essling (1220 Wien, Esslinger Hauptstr. 96)

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