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Heinz von Hermann JazzAhead
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From January 2017 on our "Jour fixe" at the ZWE always will take place on the last Friday of each month

April 28th       8 pm

with logo  at the  "ZWE" Flossgasse 4, 1020
April 29th   8:30 pm
wth the Don Menza Bigband at the Porgy&Bess (Vienna)

Mai 12th        8 pm
with the Markus Gaudriot Trio (Karol Hodas bass, Walter Grossrubatscher drums) at the Kulturverein Achatium
Hauptstrasse 75, 7212 Forchtenstein
Mai 19th       9 pm
with Bill Ramsey at the Jazzland, Franz-Josefs-Kai 29, 1010 Wien
May 25th       8 pm with dem Sebastian Laverny Trio in den Burglichtspielen (Reihe "Jazz im Kino" Darmst├Ądter Landstrasse 62, 65462 Gustavsburg (DE)

May 26th       8 pm

with logo  at the  "ZWE" Flossgasse 4, 1020 Wien

June 30th      8 pm

with logo  at theZWE" Flossgasse 4, 1020 Wien

Sept. 29th      8 pm
Special concert: 10 Years ZWE !
Program is  in preparation

with logo at the  "ZWE" Flossgasse 4, 1020 Wien

Oct. 27th       8 pm

with logo at the "ZWE" Flossgasse 4, 1020 Wien

Nov. 24th      8 pm

with logo  at the "ZWE" Flossgasse 4, 1020 Wien

As soon as some dates are fixed, they will immediately be shown on thise site!

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Performances as: Bandleader - Sidemen - Teacher/clinician