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Heinz von Hermann JazzAhead
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Heinz von Hermann JazzAhead




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Why this submenu "Bands" ?

In all his musical life Heinz v. Hermann played and still plays in all kinds of groups, ranging from Duo tillo Bigband. Often enough to fulfill the requirements of the promoters as well as to explore new musical challenges. The same versatility takes place in musical styles. Naturally his heart belongs to the music he grew up with - bebop and classical music - but he has as much fun to play swingmusic or mainstream.

There only exists good and bad played music !

And when music is played so well, it is fun, no matter what kind of music it is.
So when you spent all your life with music, lot of things add - so HvH had already played Latin music a long time before the word "Salsa" even was invented... Putting all this on one page would certainly exceed the size of this page, so we splitted it up. All bands are equally active, meeting the requirements of different promotors or following new projects.



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